This here blog is dedicated to the next cycle of my life which, although gestating for years, has now taken one of the centre stages of my life. As an obsessive and expressive record-keeper and written observer of the events and ideas in my life, I find it helpful and necessary to maintain a handle on what I experience and the conclusions I draw from these occurrences. Anything can be a lesson if you look with courage through the right lens. And if you drink enough coffee to facilitate those sleepless nights of self-examination.

Here, you will find my writing falls into two categories. Firstly, you will be able to read my observations about paranormal phenomenon, where I will sometimes aim to reach a conclusion on these subjects. Secondly, I will divulge my own personal experiences about the occult (and on occasion, the paranormal), from my own perspective as a practitioner.

Though I am not a writer by profession, I hope to be able to share these experiences and interests with a healthy smattering of humour, incisiveness and all the commas and grammar in the right place.

Dream well.

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